Ancestral Trauma 


Your Relation with Ancestors
will heal Trauma and bring Gifts

Ancestral relation is a profound medicine that we modern people rarely tap into. You'll acquire knowledge and tools to mend your lineage and unlock its treasure.  The insights gained from this workshop are often life affirming, and timely for where you are on your hero's journey.

You'll be emboldened by the sheer number of ancestors, as well as the scientific evidence of intergenerational trauma And blessings. It's not a matter of spirituality; it's biology. Each of us is a living altar, carrying the DNA of our ancestors and continuing the stories they began. Instead of turning to distant spiritual masters, call your own legion of ancestral helpers who intimately understand the human experience and are eager to help.

Connect consciously and securely. Everyone has loving and wise ancestors, but there are also those who aren't at peace yet (think of the tumultuous last 5000 years of human history!).  Trace the ancestral roots of your childhood trauma and unmet needs - often began long before our own time or our parents'. You'll learn potent psychotherapy tools like attachment wound and c-PTSD. You'll practice the five Love languages to cultivate intimacy, with your ancient grandmothers grandfathers, and with yourself.  

Upcoming Dates

Usually twice a year around Mother's Day, and Halloween. Follow for announcement

Past Dates

Oct 5, 2023 Earthskills Rendezvous, SC
Jun , 2023  Saskatoon Circle, WA
May 14, 2023  Mother's Day Edition, KY
Feb 5, 2022 Florida Earthskills Gathering
May 8, 2022 Mother's Day Edition, KY
Oct 29, 2022 Centered, Lexington, KY