Ancestral Trauma 


Your Relation with Ancestors
will heal Trauma and bring Gifts

This is a popular workshop that Paikea offers twice a year, around Mother's day and Halloween.  Ancestral relation is a potent medicine that we modern people rarely tap into.  In this 3 hours workshop, you'll learn the biological evidence of intergenerational trauma As well as blessings. Each of us is a living altar, carrying the DNA of our ancestors and continuing the stories they began. You'll be emboldened by the sheer number of ancestors. Why only pray to spiritual masters, when your own ancestral helpers are eager to help, and they understand your human experience intimately?  

We connect safely - Everyone has loving wise ancestors, but also troubled ones who are yet to transit to peace  (think of the tumultuous 5000 years of human history!). We'll trace the root of childhood trauma and neglect - often began long before our own time or our parents'. We'll practice the five Love languages to cultivate intimacy, with ancient grandmothers grandfathers, and with yourself.   You are not alone, and you have a purpose. When you are done here and crossover, there will be a party on the other side.  Come to this workshop to start/re-start the precious relation with ancestors.

BIO: Paikea is an acupuncturist, regenerative medicine practitioner, and wild foods educator.  Prior to acupuncture, Paikea obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Electrical Engineering, and fellowship training in Genomics. More than a compassionate and effective healer, Paikea helps people to reconnect to three things, to be fully healed and fully alive:  1) Intimacy with the natural world.  2) Intimacy with the "inner wilderness." meaning curiously explore the childhood, societal, and ancestral trauma that we all carry, to recover Wholeness within. 3) A community to recover and play with.      So Paikea organizes Earthskills gatherings,  practices the latest regenerative medicine with a holistic heart. And she actively teaches, learns and grows with the community, to stay happy and fully alive, to walk the Earth like our good ancestors did.  You can find her work in Kentucky and around the country at www.Paikea.Love/events 

Upcoming Dates
Usually twice a year around Mother's Day, and Halloween. Check Events page or

May 11, 2024 Centered in Lexington, KY

Nov 2, 2024  Clear Creek Schoolhouse, KY

Past Dates

Oct 5, 2023 Earthskills Rendezvous, SC
Jun , 2023  Saskatoon Circle, WA
May 14, 2023  Mother's Day Edition, KY
Feb 5, 2022 Florida Earthskills Gathering
May 8, 2022 Mother's Day Edition, KY
Oct 29, 2022 Centered in Lexington, KY