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Bloodwork Without Health Insurance

  • Wellness Essential Panel with Hemoglobin A1C <= $116 my #1 recommendation (Hemoglobin is for Glucose handling issue - HALF of the population has some levels of glucose problem, without knowing.)

  • Wellness Panel + Vitamin D <= $135 We can add a B vitamin test too. You'll learn a lot from these Wellness packages: Anemia, Fasting Glucose Levels, Kidney & Liver function, Fluids and Electrolytes, Lipids Panel/Cholesterol, Thyroid function and many other revealing markers.

  • Genetic testing / MTHFR & detoxification profile $199

  • Gut Biome test, Food sensitivity, Stool analysis (home collection kit), Heavy metal hair analysis $100+

  • Many other tests and addons, such as PSA, Hormones...

How it Works

  1. I order for you with no extra fee. You just Venmo/PayPal me what Quest charges me.

  2. You go to a Quest lab near you to draw blood/urine. Quest will have all your information, no need to pay or do any paperwork there. (This works just like going through a doctor's office, except you go through me and simpler)

  3. Quest will email the results the same day. I'll forward and tell you the main findings.

After this, you can choose to pay me to understand more your results, sliding scale $80-$120. I give practical, easy-to-follow report tailored to your numbers and lifestyle. You get a fully personalized action plan like this, and a phone/video session to make sure you know what to do.

I want more people have access to the tools that really work, so try to remove the price inhibition. (Functional Medicine practitioners routinely charge $500+, on top of expensive and often unnecessary tests). Please fill the intake form to get started! or text me at 774-257-8308