Poor Man's
Stem Cell Therapy

Why Peptides Matter

  • Peptides are "mini protein" - small chain of Amino Acids. You make them in your body every second, and the pituitary gland, thymus and other organs and cells make hundreds of types. So peptides are endogenous.

  • Cells, mitochondria and organs send peptides to signal one another. If cells and mitochondria are happy and communicate better, all systems work better! Peptides therapy goes one level beyond Functional medicine. This is Cellular medicine.

  • Peptides is entering mainstream because of how effective and safe they are. Europe and other countries are ahead of US, but you can buy them online anywhere - Many DIYers share experiences on Reddit and Facebook group.

What they are not

  • Peptides are Not hormone (Cortisol/steroids are hormones). Peptides don't "do the job directly"; they regulate the body to do work. So side effects are minimal.

  • Peptides work differently from medication or even herbs: Lisinopril lowers the blood pressure, no matter if the person has low BP to begin with. BPC-157 (the most widely used peptide) promotes repair only at injury site, and doesn't affect where the body doesn't need. So there is a whole category of peptides called "bioregulator". They regulate the body towards homeostasis, to repairs itself intelligently.

Popular Peptides

  • BPC-157, TB500 are miracles, for injury old and new. They relieve pain, grow new blood vessels (angiogenesis), grow new nerves, and benefit pretty much everyone from head (neural/macular degeneration) to toe (fractured bones).

  • Thymosin alpha 1 (TA1) is a potent immunity reset-ter and in my opinion, a key for many chronically ill people to get better, be it diabetes, Lyme, Alzheimer's, or any autoimmune condition. In all chronic conditions, Immunity is out of balance - Inside the cells, it lacks the energy to kick out invaders (such as virus); Outside of the cell, it's overly active causing "inflammation". So TA1 is produced in thymus, and resets the immunity inside and outside of the cells (called TH1, TH2 respectively) TA1 *is* Pfizer's pharmaceutical ZADAXIN, to treat Cancer, Hepatitis, Long Covid, HIV and many others.

  • Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides safely increase growth hormone so we feel like a teenager for a bit - sleep better, heal faster. In this category biohackers commonly use CJC, Ipamorelin, Sermorelin. Also there are Testosterone Releasing peptides (Kisspeptin), that work better than hormone replacement therapy.

  • Epithalon lengthens telomere. It also resets melatonin - I've never slept so sound, so dreamless.

  • GHK-cu is a copper peptide that are widely used in cosmetic products. Injected it can also repair cartilage and reset ~4000 genes!

  • Selank, Sermax work for anxiety instantly and 1000%. Nasal spray also coat your nostril with anti-viral protection.

  • Mitochondria derived peptides (MDP) such as MOTS-c. Promotes mitochondria density in the cell - A cell is like a city, and mitochondria is the power plant - Cell needs electricity to do all its job, synthesize protein, repair DNA, take out the garbage, etc. So each cell should have 1-10 thousands of mitochondria, which are often negatively impacted by aging, stress, antibiotics (High school Biology: Mitochondria is an archaic bacteria that got integrated into our cells. So Antibiotics are bad beyond wiping out gut biome, it hinders bacteria - that means your mitochondria!)

Sample Protocols

  • Weight Loss and lower inflammation: AOD9604 - anti obesity, with benefits for heart disease, osteoarthritis, and many others "side benefits" from increased growth hormone.

  • Sleep disorder and Anti aging: Epithalon 50mg in 10 days, twice a year. And 8 others in this excellent writing by Dr. Matt Dawson of Wild Health

  • Anxiety or Depression: Selank - nasal spray is better than injection. Oxytocin (yes Oxytocin is a peptide. And the benefits go much beyond feeling love and bonding. It reverses age related muscle wasting and organ decline, in days.)

  • SIBO, Candida, and other microbes caused disease such as Lyme: LL-37 - Kills microbes: bacteria, virus, fungal, parasite! Any other gut healing: BPC 157

  • Parkinson's Disease: TA1, BPC, Sermax

  • Cancer: PNC 27, TA1 1mg daily for a week / 1.6mg three times a week. Contraindicated are TB500, Epithalon and all GHRPs.

  • Hair re-growth & Skin regeneration: GHK-cu topically. One cycle makes the difference.

  • More dosage guide from a compounding pharmacy, page 28.

History and Future

  • Peptides were first mentioned 120 years ago by Pavlov - yes the dog Pavlov. He was studying digestive juice, and many speculate he isolated the most popular peptide today, BPC 157. Russia continues to lead Peptides research. They have used 20+ natural peptides in military and civilian hospitals, saved Chernobyl and other nuclear workers.

  • Europe and other countries are ahead of US, to use peptides as a mainstream medicine. In the States, big pharma's are patenting the synthesized peptides while getting FDA to restrict the natural ones. (it's banning desiccated bovine thyroid to sell Synthroid. )

  • Peptides and Anti-aging research are truly exciting, because this is where Sciences tap into "cellular intelligence". Next, how do we bond amino acids at home and make our own peptides?! Well if you are still reading, join me in people's healthcare revolution. Connect and support each other to take control of our own health. 😄🔥

I'm just sharing notes from 100's hours of study and experimenting. To access the snake oil...