Regenerate Health 

at Cell and Mitochondia Level

3-hour workshop Peptides and Cellular Health | Tools For the Modern Healer

Acupuncturist and Regenerative Medicine practitioner Paikea has helped many people to improve Lyme, autoimmune and neurodegenerative conditions. In this workshop you'll learn

1) Affordable, accessible new medicine that lowers infection without side effects; Shift our mentality from "kill all pathogen" to "regenerate cellular health", to help the body do its job: Restore homeostasis in all systems and Recover from illness.

2) Stealth Infection such as Epstein Barr virus and Lyme are the root cause for many autoimmune and neurodegenerative conditions: Hashimoto, Psoriasis, ALS, Long covid, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, inability to recover from Mold Toxicity.  Covid reactivates dormant infections, so we are seeing a surge in new illnesses or worsening symptoms post covid.

3) Simplified, sensible lifestyle choices beyond fad diets. Reverse inflammation and reset the gut biome with one simple trick.

4) Any long term health problem creates complex PTSD. How do we find Emotional resilience and even humor and growth in the process.


Paikea is an acupuncturist, regenerative medicine practitioner, and wild foods educator.  Her Engineering degrees and medical fellowship have equipped her with advanced knowledge, and her compassion makes her an effective healer too.   Moreover, Paikea helps modern individuals to experience three things, in order to be fully healed and fully alive:  1) Intimacy with the natural world.  2) Intimacy with the "inner wilderness." meaning curiously explore the childhood, societal, and ancestral trauma that we all carry, to recover Wholeness within. 3) A community to recover and play with.      So Paikea organizes Earthskills gatherings,  practices the latest regenerative medicine with a holistic approach. And she is teaching, learning and healing with the community, to stay happy and fully alive, to walk the Earth like our good ancestors did.  You can find her work in Kentucky and around the country at www.Paikea.Love/events